New rules in the pandemic: the mask becomes mandatory on the street; the exemptions will be for vaccinated and sick people only; schools remain open until cases of COVID-19 appear!

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During September 30, 2021, CNSU adopted a government decision that comes with new rules applied in pandemics, especially in areas where the epidemiological index exceeds 6/1000. The mask will also become mandatory in open spaces, including on the street, and access to various activities will be made only at 50% capacity. Only those who have been vaccinated or who have had COVID and have been cured will be able to participate. Stores will have extended hours until 22:00, instead of 18:00, where a night quarantine will be required. Schools remain open even after the incidence of 6/1000.

Localities with over 6 per thousand are quarantined on weekends. The traffic between 20:00 and 05:00 will be done only with a declaration on your own responsibility. Only those who have a complete vaccination schedule and those who have gone through the disease are exempt from this measure. In localities with an infection rate over 7,5 per thousand, the measure is valid for all days of the week.

Access to restaurants, shows, fitness rooms, swimming pools, playgrounds is made only at 50% of capacity. Only those who have been vaccinated or have passed the disease in the last 6 months can enter. COVID tests no longer provide customer access.

Private events - weddings, baptisms, festive meals - can be organized between 5,00 and 24,00, with the participation of people up to 50% of the maximum capacity of the space, but not more than 200 people. All participants must be either vaccinated in full or through the disease.

Government Decision no. 76 of September 30, 2021

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