New restrictions in Bucharest. Restaurants and cafes close inside. What do you have with HoReCa?

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On Tuesday evening, the prefect of Bucharest announced the new restrictions, which will come into force starting with Wednesday, October 7. Under the pretext of increasing the number of new cases of COVID-19, authorities have decided to close theaters, cinemas, restaurants and cafes inside, in Bucharest.

Gheorghe Cojanu explained that all these measures are valid for at least the next 7 days or as long as the incidence rate will remain above 1.5 per 1000.

An exception is made for accommodation units - hotel, pension, other accommodation units - where indoor service is allowed only for accommodated guests.

When the incidence rate falls below 1.5 per 1000, communicated weekly, the Emergency Committee will meet immediately and order the resumption of all activities.

After learning of the new restrictions, I sat down and wondered, "Why are the authorities set out to destroy tourism, HoReCa, and the transportation industry?" There are no figures to show that the big outbreaks are in cafes and restaurants. All the less so in cinemas and theaters.

On the contrary, the big outbreaks are in state institutions, old people's homes, children's homes, other crowded sectors. And yet they remain open. That is, COVID does not circulate in churches, casinos, malls? I can bet (if the casinos are still open) that the prevention measures were much better observed in the HoReCa area compared to other industries. Why are the measures adopted halved and not the same for everyone? Either close everything or close nothing…Wouldn't that be logical?

What do you have with HoReCa?

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