The new tariff classes at TAP Portugal

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Starting with 2 July 2017, TAP Portugal will resume direct flights on the Lisbon - Bucharest route. Rates start at 115.7 EURO, and air tickets can be booked starting with 6 December 2016 (limited places).

Tariff options at TAP Portugal

In the past, TAP Portugal had high prices, starting from 180 EURO (promotional price), and operating non-competitive flights. Currently, the Bucharest - Lisbon route is operated by 2 low-cost carriers, which changes the operational data for the Portuguese carrier and "forces" it to enter the market with competitive rates.

But these rates could be offered through a compromise. Taking a look at the TAP reservation system, we were able to see 4 tariff categories for Economy Class and 2 tariff categories for Business Class. TAP Portugal adapts to the market and low-cost competitors, offering more tariff options.

The tariff options for Economy Class - TAP Portugal


Discount to do: the most competitive fare level, which includes only flight, hand luggage and on-board catering;
Basic do: includes all facilities in "Discount" + hold luggage;
Classic do: includes all the facilities from "Basic" + the possibility to pre-allocate the seat on the plane;
More to do: includes all the facilities of "Classic" + flexibility in modifying travel data (free rebooking).

Tariff options for Business Class - TAP Portugal


Executive do: all the facilities of the Business service (catering, pre-allocation by plane, 2 baggage X 32 KG), but with limited flexibility (modification of travel data and reimbursement with penalty);
Top executives do: all facilities of the Business service + maximum flexibility (modification of travel data and free reimbursement).

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