New travel conditions in Denmark: tourist travel is no longer accepted.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that, on 30 July 2020, the Danish authorities have announced new measures on the conditions of entry into Denmark. These measures that will enter into force on 1 August 2020, at 00:00. Romania has been included in the list of "closed" countries, along with other states such as Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Portugal.

Romanians can travel to Denmark for a good reason

Thus, according to the information publicly provided by the Danish authorities, citizens coming from Romania will be able to continue traveling to Denmark only on the basis of a good reason, according to the list established by the competent Danish authorities. For information in Romanian on the list of "for good reasons”, It is recommended to consult the website of the Romanian Embassy in Copenhagen, at the following link:

The entry of citizens who come from Romania and who have a good reason for entry into the territory of Denmark will be allowed without presenting a COVID-19 test. If they show clear symptoms of infection (dry cough, fever, etc.), the Danish authorities may refuse entry.

Romanian citizens with the right to stay in Denmark will be granted strongly recommends a quarantine period of 14 days upon return from Romania.

Travel for tourism is no longer accepted

From the same date, August 1, 2020, citizens coming from Romania will no longer be allowed to enter the territory of the Kingdom of Denmark for tourism purposes.

With regard to transit, the Danish authorities have stated that it will be allowed under the following conditions:

  • Travel for tourism purposes in a country other than Denmark; proof of a reservation at an accommodation outside Denmark will be required.
  • Travel to another country for one of the reasons listed "for good reasons" indicated above.

People with clear symptoms of infection (dry cough, fever, etc.) will not be allowed to transit through Denmark.

Further information on the new measures is available at the following link (English).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds that the Romanian citizens who face a difficult, special situation, with an emergency character, have at their disposal the emergency telephone number of the Romanian Embassy in Copenhagen - 0045 27 35 55 37.

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