New travel conditions on the territory of Slovenia, from 31 July 2020

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the Slovenian authorities have announced new measures on the conditions of entry and transit through the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, which entered into force on 31 July 2020.

The new conditions targets citizens coming from states with high epidemiological risk, including Romania, along with other European countries such as Bulgaria and Luxembourg.

Thus, according to the information publicly provided by the Slovenian authorities, citizens coming from Romania entering the Republic of Slovenia for the purpose of stay (and not for transit) must be in solitary confinement for 14 days at the hotel or other designated location

People who CANNOT indicate a location for self-isolation will be placed in institutionalized quarantine. Certain categories of persons, such as persons in transit or carriers, are exempted from the measure of self-isolation / quarantine. The list of all exempted categories can be consulted on the website of the Romanian Embassy in Ljubljana or below, in the article.


Regarding tranzit, the Slovenian authorities stated that it is license. Main condition: the duration of the transit should not exceed 12 hours. Also, local authorities may request from Romanian citizens, who transit the territory of the Republic of Slovenia to other European states, supporting documents regarding the right of entry on the territory of the state of destination, as well as the purpose of travel. However, people with clear symptoms of infection (fever, cough, etc.) will not be allowed to transit through the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

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