The new routes that will be operated from Avram Iancu Airport in Cluj, in the 2022/2023 winter season

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After a successful summer season that brought passenger records, Cluj International Airport moves into the winter season with more good news related to new travel opportunities for passengers.

The new routes from Cluj-Napoca

The airline HiSky announces that it will start operating the second international route, after Dublin, respectively direct flights to Tel Aviv, operated with two frequencies per week, starting from 8 December 2022, based on the following flight schedule:

Cluj - Tel Aviv

The city Tel Aviv is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, 58 km from Jerusalem, at the balance between the West and the East, thus offering a diversity of tourist attractions, from museums, art galleries to well-preserved places for thousands of years, being chosen as a destination tourist especially for its wonderful beaches. Moreover, the city has UNESCO world heritage status since 2003, as a recognition of its unique examples of architecture, which belong to the Bauhaus style - a modernist style of construction that belongs to the 19th century. Tel Aviv airport is located XNUMX km from the city.

Ryanair will fly to Dublin

With the start of the new winter season and the airline Ryanair starting today, November 1, 2022, the operation of flights to Dublin, one of the most attractive destinations departing from Cluj-Napoca, according to the following schedule:

Cluj - Dublin

Wizz Air will fly to Leeds and Perugia

Also the airline Wizz Air will operate in the winter season W22-23, two new routes to Leeds (from November 1, 2022) and Perugia (from December 7, 2022), as follows:

Cluj - Leeds
Cluj - Perugia

Mr. Viorel Federiga, President of the Board of Directors of the International Airport Avram Iancu Cluj stated the following: "We appreciate it the decision to expand the air operators HiSky, Ryanair and Wizz Air in the winter season 2022-2023, from the Cluj airport. The new flights represent the confirmation of the constant efforts to recover air traffic and respond to the connection needs of passengers who choose to travel from Cluj International Airport."

Mr. David Ciceo, General Manager of the International Airport Avram Iancu Cluj stated: "The winter season brings new interesting routes departing from Cluj International Airport, which means an even greater diversity of travel alternatives by air because, desometimes, the competition between air operators has its ups and downsderi de ticket prices. We are convinced that the new destinations will be appreciated by passengers, in all traffic segments, namely business, ethnic or tourist traffic."

During the winter season, at Cluj International Airport, passengers will have the opportunity to choose one of those 47 routes to over 20 countries from Europe and Middle East. For those who want vacations to sunny destinations, charter flights will be available to Egypt or United Arab Emirates.

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