Non-EU citizens (Americans, British, Canadians, etc.) have to pay EUR 7 to travel to the EU by 2022!

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Non-EU citizens, including Americans, Australians, British, Canadians and other non-Schengen travelers, will have to complete an application and pay a fee of EUR 7 to travel to the EU. This measure will be applied starting in 2022, informs

Called the "European Travel Information and Authorization System" - ETIAS for short - the new rule aims to "increase security and help prevent threats to EU and Schengen health".

Non-EU citizens now have the right to spend up to 90 days in a Schengen country. If this period is exceeded, travelers need a visa. Thus, the new rule will not fundamentally change things, as people will still have the right to spend the 90 days inside the EU without the need for a visa, but the process will no longer be completely unmanaged.

The new security measure affects people who do not live permanently in an EU country

The new security measure affects people who do not live permanently in an EU country or who do not need a visa to stay in one. Therefore, tourists, holiday home owners, temporary workers or those visiting family or friends in the 26 Schengen / EU countries will be affected.

The new ETIAS program is similar to ETA in Australia and ESTA in the US, both used for short stays. The rules for those who need a Schengen visa - including for most citizens of Africa, Asia and South America - will remain the same.

European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) it was proposed by the European Commission in 2016, before the UK left the EU, but takes on new relevance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Eligible travelers will need to complete an online application prior to arrival, which costs €7. It is free for people under 18 or over 70.

The EU will check travelers against EU information systems for a range of safety and health checks, including a centralized system of EU databases containing information on convictions of non-EU citizens.

The EU said the process of filling in the online form should only take a few minutes. The new rules do not constitute a new visa requirement and will not change non-EU countries that are subject to a visa.

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