The new Boeing 737-300 Carpatair YR-BBA aircraft in pictures

The new Boeing 737-300 Carpatair aircraft has been in operation since August 2013 (photo)

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On 24 July 2013, I wrote one article about the evolution of the Carpatair airline, how he went from ecstasy to agony and I expect him to return to ecstasy.

I did a brief analysis of the fleet and how it evolved from 15 aircraft to just 4, at present. Here, the information provided by us has been confirmed. In addition to the 3 Fokker 100, Carpatair also purchased a Boeing 737-300, another one compared to the one used during May 2012 - May 2013.

New 737-300, with registration number YR-BBA, has a capacity of 148 of seats. Carpatair is continuing the process of changing its operating strategy and is seeking to purchase larger, medium-sized jet aircraft, allowing direct flights to be operated between various destinations in Europe.

Boeing 737-300 aircraft offer both the opportunity to access new markets and significantly reduce direct operating costs. For the first time in Romania, Airlines Travel announces the new aircraft Boeing 737-300 will operate in particular on direct routes between Italy and Romania, but also to the Republic of Moldova, as follows: Timisoara - Rome (FCO) Craiova - Rome (FCO) Chisinau - Rome (FCO) Chisinau - Bergamo, Chisinau - Venice.





The new livery is slightly changed from the one used on the previous 737-300 Boeing. The current 737-300 has engines painted in a pleasant green and inscribed with the name of the airline's website -

  1. Master RA says

    Looks nice with the new livery.

  2. Nicky Predescu says

    Aha, so is Craiova-Roma (FCO)! I'll hang it one day to take some pictures!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We look forward to the photos! :)

  3. [...] The bad luck is kept from Carpatair. Following the scandals in Timisoara, as well as the incidents involving Carpatair aircraft, the company's image suffered. He is still looking for his place in the market, being a full service company. As of August 2013, Carpatair has only operated 4 aircraft: the 3 Fokker 100 and a Boeing 737. [...]

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