New Alitalia: Development plan for Alitalia to become profitable from 2017

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On 20 January 2015, the new development strategy was presented to make New Alitalia profitable from 2017. It is a commitment made by the new executive team and strategic investors to reinvent the Italian airline.

Alitalia will introduce new routes, set new standards for products and services, introduce a new cost management strategy and benefit from a rebranding. All this will be the basis for building a global premium airline.

The new Alitalia began operations at 1 January 2015, following the completion of the capital investments made by Etihad Airways and Alitalia's existing shareholders.

Key elements of the new business strategy include:

New Alitalia operational network:

- The new strategy includes 3 key points in Italy. Milan-Malpensa Airport will increase on long-haul services, while Milan-Linate will increase connections with partner airlines. Rome-Fiumicino Airport will grow on long-haul flights and will continue to expand on short and medium-haul flights to maintain relevance in the Italian market.

- New routes will be launched from Rome to Berlin, Dusseldorf, San Francisco, Mexico City, Santiago (Chile), Beijing and Seoul and will increase frequencies on flights to New York, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Abu Dhabi.

- Alitalia will also add 13 weekly flights from Milan Malpensa to Abu Dhabi, four flights a week to Shanghai and additional flights to Tokyo.

- Connections with Abu Dhabi, the Eithad Airways hub, with daily services from Venice, Milan, Bologna and Catania, as well as additional flights from Rome will increase, all allowing further connections to the Middle East, Africa, India, South Asia -East, China and Australia.

- Venice Airport will be the only one in Italy, in addition to Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa, from which Alitalia will fly to Abu Dhabi with long-haul planes.

The new Alitalia will explore opportunities to deepen relations with SkyTeam members and, in particular, with Air France / KLM and Delta, there will be a major new partnership with Airberlin & NIKI, as well as increased connectivity with Etihad Airways. There are also plans to work more with Air Serbia and Etihad Regional.

Alitalia New Fleet
Alitalia, Etihad Airways and its partners are looking for new opportunities for fleet improvement and efficiency. For example, Alitalia is in the process of relocating 14 Airbus A320 aircraft to Airberlin and is seeking new options with Eithad Airways for additional aircraft for its own fleet. Alitalia will also have the opportunity to receive aircraft from the Eithad Airways fleet.

Customer service New Alitalia
The new Alitalia will acquire a new customer culture, with new product and service standards throughout the company. There will be new food services and a new image of the salons in Rome, Milan Malpensa and Milano Linate.

Brand New Alitalia
Alitalia will launch a new brand and a new visual identity, including aircraft, uniforms and all other key points of the company. While the name will remain unchanged, rebranding will try to capture the essence of Italy.

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