The new Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 will be powered by biofuel on the flight to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Airline is recognized for using biofuel on certain delivery flights of its aircraft. Including the first Airbus A350-1000 will be powered by biofuel on the flight to Hong Kong.

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Cathay Pacific honors its commitment to eco-efficiency, planning to use biofuels on the delivery flight of the first Airbus A350-1000, which will fly from Toulouse to Hong Kong.

Airbus A350-1000 Cathay Pacific will be powered by biofuel

Cathay Pacific has placed a firm order for 20 of Airbus A350-1000 aircraft, which will be delivered over the next four years. The first aircraft will leave its headquarters in Toulouse on 19 June, and other 7 aircraft will be delivered by the end of this year. All Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 aircraft will use alternative fuel on domestic flights, a project also supported by the company's partners, Airbus and Total. We remind you too eco-efficiency strategies at Airbus.

Cathay Pacific used alternative fuel for the first delivery of an Airbus A350-900, in the year 2016. So far, a number of 22 of such aircraft have been delivered, which were fueled by 10% with biofuel.


Cathay Pacific is the world's first airline carrier with investments in a biofuel company. In the year 2014, he became an investor of the American company Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc., which aims to transform waste into aircraft biofuel.

In May 2018, Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc. started digging for the first commercially available alternative fuel plant in Nevada. When the plant starts operating, in the year 2020, it will produce over 10 millions of gallons of biofuel per year. Cathay Pacific will be one of the first airlines to use the biofuel produced by this plant.

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