The new Russian aircraft lL-114-300 performed the first test flight at the Yukovsky airfield. (video)

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On December 16, 2020, the new regional turboprop IL-114-300 performed the first test flight at Zhukovsky airfield near Moscow.

The developer of the aircraft is Ilyushin Aviation Complex (named after SV Ilyushin), the main company of the Aviation Transport Division of UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) within Rostec State Corporation.

The flight was performed by an experienced crew, consisting of Chief Pilot PJSC «IL», test pilot class I, hero of Russia, Nikolai Kuimov, test pilot class I, Dmitry Komarov and class I flight test engineer, Oleg Gryazev.

During the flight, the crew checked the modes of operation of the electrical system, the stability and maneuverability of the aircraft, as well as the operation of its systems.

What are the main features of the lL-114-300 aircraft?

IL-114-300 is a short-range turboprop aircraft. The aircraft is manufactured for locally operating airlines, for flights to regions with poor infrastructure and difficult climatic conditions.

IL-114-300 can be used to ensure air mobility of people from remote areas of Russia (Northern region, Far East and Siberia).

The main features of IL-114-300 are:

  • maximum passenger transport capacity - 68 seats
  • maximum payload - up to 6,8 tons
  • cruising speed - 500 km / h
  • flight radius with maximum payload (6,8 t) - 1400 km
  • autonomy without load - 5000 km
  • flight altitude - up to 7600 m

The aircraft is manufactured in collaboration with the main Russian developers of systems and equipment, the main components being provided by Rostec State Corporation.

The new aircraft is equipped with TV7-117ST-01 turboprop engines designed and manufactured by JSC UEC-Klimov JSC (part of JSC United Engine Corporation, Rostec State Corporation).

The take-off power of the engine is up to 3100 hp, which is higher in take-off and cruise modes compared to the base level (TV7-117CM).

With the exception of the engine, the propulsion system includes a new propeller AV-112-114 and a new automatic control system that uses a combined modernized engine and a control unit of the BARK-65SM propeller. This control system allows maximizing the potential of the engine and propeller, increasing the efficiency of the propulsion system.

IL-114-300 is equipped with a digital flight and navigation system that ensures takeoff and landing in weather conditions corresponding to the ICAO Cat category. II.

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