The new Aegean livery and the first Airbus A320neo aircraft

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The new Aegean livery was unveiled. It was painted on the new Airbus A320neo aircraft. Aegean invites us into a new era of development and flight experience.

Aegean Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Greece. It has a history of over 20 years of flights. Currently, the fleet consists of Airbus aircraft, from the A320 family. It has 37 A320-200 aircraft, 1 x A319-100, 11 x A321-200 and 3 A320neo aircraft received this month.

The new Aegean livery

It has orders placed for another 46 aircraft (+12 options) Airbus A320 / 321neo, aircraft that will be delivered gradually until 2025. The investment was estimated at 2.5-3 billion dollars at market price (6-6,5 billion dollars at list prices).

the new airbus a320neo in the new aegean livery

Over the next 6 years, Aegean Airlines will invest over $ 500 million / year to expand and modernize the fleet. By the summer of this year, the Greek carrier will receive another 3 A320neo aircraft. That translates to an additional 1.5 million seats (19 million seats total by 2020). The 6 A320neo aircraft will contribute to the expansion of the Aegean network, reaching 155 destinations in 44 countries.

Presentation of the new Aegean livery on the Airbus A320neo

Each new aircraft will make a significant contribution to the Greek economy. The number of passengers / tourists transported from / to Greek destinations will increase. And, at the same time, it will lead to the creation of 70 new jobs in Aegean and in airports.

new aegean livery

For Aegean, the year 2020 is a new beginning, with a new visual identity, new aircraft and services at height. In the next 24 months, Aegean's development team will design new products and services for unforgettable experiences offered to passengers.

The old Aegean livery

vechiul livery aegean

The first Airbus A320neo aircraft will enter operational service on February 14, on the route Athens - Munich.

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