fbpx Ryanair's new Leisure Plus service

Ryanair's new Leisure Plus service

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Today, 16 June 2016, Ryanair has launched the new Leisure Plus fare, offering customers an extra travel service package that includes priority boarding, allocated seating and a 20kg hold baggage, from just 51.99 EURO.

Leisure Plus Ryanair

Ryanair has also launched the enhanced version of the Business Plus service, which brings extended flexibility to 2 days before and / or subsequent flight change from the original ticket, even on the day of travel.

As of today, Ryanair customers have at 3 different categories of rates:

Ryanair Regular:

• Lowest guaranteed rates
• Free on board a luggage of 10kg & the 2nd smaller luggage
• Free allocation of a random place

Leisure Plus Ryanair:

• Priority boarding
• Allocated place
• Hold baggage of 20kg

Business Plus Ryanair:

• Fast-Track security
• Priority boarding
• Premium seat allocated
• + 2 / -2 days flexibility to change the ticket (even on the day of the flight)
• Business Plus counter dedicated to the airport
• Free airport check-in

The new services are part of the list of the latest improvements made in the 3 year of the "Always Getting Better" program, which also include new digital options, new aircraft interiors, more new routes and lower rates.

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