A TAROM airship departed from the runway of the Iasi airport on landing

8 587

According to a mediafax correspondent, on Saturday night a TAROM aircraft took off from the runway of the Iasi airport on landing, but was immediately recovered by the pilots. The aircraft was flying from Bucharest to Iasi.

The causes that led to this small incident are still unknown, at this time being investigated by the aeronautical authorities. The incident was reported to the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Center within the Ministry of Transport, which will initiate an investigation in this case.

After recovery, the aircraft ran smoothly to the landing gate. There were no injuries!

The return flight Iasi - Bucharest was operated with another TAROM aircraft sent specially. The plane involved in the incident left empty, on Sunday morning, for Bucharest.

Update 13.08.2012: On August 11 2012, the TAROM YR-ATH aircraft, which operated the RO 709 Bucharest-Iaşi flight, left the runway slightly during the braking procedure, after landing. The 54 passengers did not experience this event and were disembarked normally, in complete safety.

On the spot, a technical check was requested, after which it was found that the aircraft can go to the usual parking position.

In order to find out the causes of this event, a commission of inquiry was set up, the investigation being carried out.

  1. Master Ra says

    As I know Iasi is flying with ATR, and found the other Tarom ATR to send to Iasi, but to Tenerife what to send passengers to take A310, manufactured in 1990? When Turkish had problems with an engine at B777-300 (very strange!), He sent an A340 to Saigon-HCMc!

  2. Sorin says

    Well it was an ATR 72-500 in Iasi, but it wasn't serious. Low rain, wet track, probably a small error of maneuver.

    As for Tenerife, 2 Boeing aircraft were sent, but the problem was solved and it came with A310.

    1. Master Ra says

      The problem was solved after a few DAYS, not hours! That 2 planes were being sent, is a bit unbelievable, for as such, Tarom does not have enough planes, to allow 2 planes to take off, in one day, from the flight schedule. I think it was simpler, maybe even more civilized, for the passengers to be rerouted (they are not to blame, they paid for some services-AND SHOULD NOT WAIT AFTER TAROM), and eventually compensated! This is how it is done in the civilized world, which unfortunately we don't manage to reach too much!

      1. Sorin says

        According to the laws, it was done correctly. And there were no days, it was about 24 hours. TAROM also has the possibility to send 2 aircraft in case of force majeure. Plus there were solutions, but there was no need… The problem was fixed and everything is ok.

        Let's not be rude and see that TAROM does the right thing. See international cases, see bankruptcy cases, such situations have happened to larger homes. It is something that is provided by a legislation. I can say that TAROM solved the case very well compared to other larger companies…

      2. Sorin says
  3. Sorin says

    Related to TAROM problems… I think it was a simple coincidence related to the 2 most unpleasant events.

  4. Master Ra says

    I'm not a scumbag, but if other companies went bankrupt, it doesn't mean that Tarom did the right thing! And I say I'm not crazy, but tell me how he sent 2 B737 planes the same day - other types of planes from the Tarom fleet, ATR and A318, only reach Tenerife with several stops -. As you well know, Tarom has only 9 B737 (here are also B737-300, which I don't know if I can fly non-stop to Tenerife!), These planes provide, I think, about 90% of Tarom's daily external flights. Let's say there was no B737 of Tarom for maintenance, I don't see how Tarom can do without 2 of them. I repeat, I don't know if B 737-300 arrives in Tenerife (it's about 6 hours of non-stop flight), then there are only 5 planes left, and I don't see how Tarom can lack 45% of its flight capacity in one day - I mean B737 + B738.
    I'm not kidding, as an example I tell you, it was the period when I was a Senator at Star Alliance, and in Istanbul I flew with Tarom, even if it was a little more expensive, or especially, even if I flew with ATR - long ago, or the crowded A318 current. The Turk flies / flies with B 738 or A320, and you think you know, too, that there is a big difference between planes, even if they fly less than 1 hour.

  5. Sorin says

    I am referring to the fact that other companies have problems and nobody does as much tragedy as is done in Romania or how you expressed yourself.

    As for aircraft management, I think TAROM is doing better than me or you.

    And part of what they communicated on that date!

    "In case of impossibility to remedy the defect, passengers will be transported to Bucharest by one of the following options: locally contracting an aircraft or, if no aircraft is available locally, sending two TAROM aircraft Boeing 737 - 700. ”

    So let's not put the TAROM or other operator in the wheel unless we know exactly what happened. As long as the lives of the passengers were not endangered, TAROM counselor managed the problem correctly.

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