An Antonov An-124 aircraft transported two train cars from Germany to China (photo)

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A few days ago, an Antonov An-124 Antonov Airlines aircraft transported two train cars from Germany to China. The two wagons, belonging to the Transport System Bögl (TSB) company, were transported from Munich to Chengdu, China.

The Maglev trains, weighing 36 tons each and measuring 12,6 meters x 2,8 mx 3,7 m, were transported aboard an Antonov AN-124, the second most capacious cargo plane after the brother Antonov ON THE MONTH.

Special equipment was used to load and unload the wagons from the aircraft, which were designed by Antonov Airlines itself. During the flight, the 2 wagons were anchored with special systems to prevent their movement or damage.


A technical stop was made in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to refuel the aircraft and to rest the crew on the long journey between Europe and the Far East.

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