An ATR 72 Carpatair aircraft departed from the runway at Rome's Fiumiciuno airport (update)

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An aircraft ATR 72 Carpatair was off the runway at Fiumicino airport in Rome. The plane was coming from Pisa and had 46 passengers on board and 4 crew members. Operates domestic flight for Alitalia. As a result of the incident, 6 persons were injured, 2 some of them more serious (a flight attendant and a passenger).

The causes of the incident are attributed to the strong wind, but piloting errors and even the fault of the control tower are not excluded. Witnesses say the plane landed a bit hard on the runway and then stopped on the grass. It may have been a stronger wind gust that destabilized the aircraft at landing. The ATR 72 (YR-ATS) aircraft suffered more damage to the fuselage and engines!


Following this incident, Alitalia suspended the flights operated with Carpatair until the end of the investigation.

Carpatair Press Release:

Carpatair confirms that one of its ATR aircraft went off the runway at Rome Fiumicino airport at 20: 32 local time tonight in strong wind conditions near the ground. All 46 passengers and 4 crew members left the plane behind the rear doors. 5 passengers and 1 crew member needed medical care, one of which was transported to the hospital. Carpatair has been operating since the beginning of the year 2012 with two own domestic aircraft for Alitalia based on a long-term contract. The flight commander has 18550 hours of flight experience including 9600 on ATR, the type of aircraft involved in the incident.

Update 3.02.2013:

Regarding the information published in the press regarding Alitalia's decision to suspend Carpatair flights, they refer only to the 2 ATR aircraft rented by Alitalia from Carpatair that made flights between Rome-Pisa and Rome-Bologna. Regular operation of Carpatair in and from Italy is normal. In the following days, after elucidating the causes of the event that occurred in 02 February at the airport in Rome, Alitalia will make a decision regarding the operation with the ATR 72-500 aircraft rented from Carpatair.

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