A Boeing 747 British Airways aircraft landed in Cardiff as a matter of urgency

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Article written by Maria Vasiliu!

Today, British Airways' flight from Houston to Heathrow has been halted for an emergency landing at Cardiff Airport. According to British Airways, the landing was taken as a precaution, due to technical problems reported by the aircraft that appeared during the descent to London.

BA technicians examined Boeing 747 aircraft. The 138 passengers remained on board throughout the controls. BA said the plane was stationed on the runway for two hours, during which a thorough inspection was carried out by the engineers, before continuing their journey to London. No malfunction was found.

British Airways

"Following comprehensive inspections by our engineers, we inform you that our flight from Houston will continue to London. As a precautionary measure, the aircraft was diverted to Cardiff Airport, according to indications that there was a potential technical failure on board, "said a British Airways spokesman.

  1. Claudiu says

    And yet only 138 passengers? geez ...

    1. Sorin says

      Yeah, that kind of surprised us too. Some races are not very profitable

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