An Italian family won 170 tickets to a Wizz Air contest and traveled to Corfu

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On December 30, 2021, Wizz Air's biggest competition, "The Flying Family," ended, with a winner from Italy and her entire family taking 170 seats on a WIZZ aircraft on a free flight to Corfu, Greece, for an extended family weekend. How did the lucky family earn and travel? Learn here, from a short film made right on the beautiful island.

It all started with just 10 days to go and the challenge of filling an entire plane with your own family, a challenge that was accepted by about 2.300 Italians who tried their best to invite and persuade their loved ones to come. together and occupy together 170 of the seats of the aircraft that was made available by the airline Wizz Air. Of the two families who reached the final stage, Anna Donalek's family is the one who managed to win the unexpected prize, in a trip that took them to the beautiful island of Corfu in January.

The large family indulged and spent an all-inclusive weekend full of history, culture and gastronomy in a renowned hotel in Corfu. And now, the adventure of the largest family in Italy has been turned into a short film, "La Famiglia Volante" - The film made by Wizz Air is a unique souvenir for the winners, but also a proof of the attention that the airline shows to the passengers - care demonstrated by offering such opportunities and an ever-growing international network.

"It was wonderful to see a united family having fun together. Anna, our winner, and all her loved ones have honored the most important Greek traditions together, and we hope that many other families will follow suit. For our part, we will continue to work to provide low-cost travel opportunities, bringing together more and more families from across Europe. For those who want to see the beauties of Greece and the Mediterranean, there are many travel options available from airports across Europe. "

The weekend full of history and culture in which the winning family explored Corfu island It was made possible by the famous Angsana Corfu Resort and Spa, which hosted many families, as well as partners such as Fraport Greece, Aocta (Corfu Travel Agents Association) and the Corfu Hotel Association.

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