Bucharest - Shanghai from 439 EURO with Aeroflot

[Aeroflot offer] Bucharest - Shanghai from 439 EURO

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Today we come up with a good offer for China. For those interested in Shanghai, Aeroflot comes with an attractive promotion departing from Bucharest, from 439 EURO. We found fares for the April-June travel period. You have several options to fly on the routes Bucharest - Moscow and Moscow - Shanghai, the problem being the long scale in the Russian capital showered. On return you have a minimum of 4 hours scale.

Below is a simulation for April 29 - 4 May 2015! It is for informational purposes!

Short flights Bucharest - Moscow - Bucharest are operated by Sukhoi Su-9 aircraft, and Moscow - Shanghai - Moscow flights by Airbus A330 / Boeing 777.

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