[Aeromexico offer] Very good rates for flights departing from Amsterdam

[Aeromexico offer] Very good rates for flights departing from Amsterdam

We were surprised to find unbeatable fares for Aeromexico flights from Amsterdam to destinations in Central America.

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It's been a while since I didn't offer you a really attractive offer. If you are planning a trip to Central America, now is the time to make your plans.

Very good deals from Aeromexico

Aeromexico has great deals on flights departing from Amsterdam to Mexico, Cuba, Honduras etc. I simulated a few flights and found fares between 130 and 200 EURO.

Amsterdam - San Salvador, El Salvador from 158.8 EURO (round trip)
Amsterdam - San Pedro Sula, Honduras from 158.5 EURO (round trip)
Amsterdam - Havana, Cuba from 202 EURO (round trip)
Amsterdam - La Paz, Bolivia from 223 EURO (round trip)
Amsterdam - Lima, Peru from 186 EURO (round trip)
Amsterdam - Managua, Nicaragua from 136 EURO (round trip)
Amsterdam - Acapulco, Mexico from 221 EURO (round trip)

Example: Amsterdam - La Paz


The offer is valid for searches from September 2017 - January 2018! Plus many other combinations that I invite you to search directly at aeromexico.com. The flights are operated via Mexico City. Until Amsterdam, look for the offers from TAROM and KLM.

Take advantage of these offers! Places are limited!

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  1. Nathan Tiutiu says

    I think you wanted to refer to La Paz airport in Mexico (LAP), not Bolivia (LPB) :) Anyway congratulations for the article, very interesting!

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