[Air France - KLM offer] Special Christmas prices

[Air France - KLM offer] Special Christmas prices

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The group's turn came Air France - KLM to surprise us with very good prices on air tickets. I was pleasantly surprised to see good prices at exotic destinations in Asia, Africa, Central America and the Indian Ocean.

(P) Buy Air France and KLM air tickets at the best prices!

If you have not been able to buy the gifts for your loved ones, I recommend that you turn to air tickets and help them plan their next vacation. I think a trip can be the ideal gift for any human being.

Below is the list of recommended destinations and promotional prices:

- Bangkok, from 559 €, return flight
- Singapore, from 569 €, return flight
- Tokyo, from 639 €, return flight
- Johannesburg, from 609 €, return flight
- Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), from 679 €, return flight
- Zanzibar, from 689 €, return flight
- Martinique, from the 639 €, return flight
- Punta Cana, from the 699 €, return flight

All fares are for round trip flights. Reservations can be made on www.airfrance.ro or www.klm.ro and to partner travel agencies. Offers are valid, limited to available seats, until 26 December 2016. The travel period must be somewhere between 15 December and 30 June 2017.

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