Rio de Janeiro and Havana from the 559 EURO

[Air France - KLM offer] Rio de Janeiro and Havana from 559 EURO

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companies Air France si KLM I come back with a new offer for Rio de Janeiro and Havana. The two destinations are available at the promotional price of 559 Euro (round trip with all taxes included (CLICK to reserve your tickets). The promotion is valid for seven days, during the period 18 March - 24 March 2015.

Travel periods:
Rio de Janeiro: the period of commencement of the trip is between 18 March - 30 May, with the mention that the return period extends to 7 July.
Havana: the period of commencement of the journey is between 15 May - 30 June and 15 August - 30 September, and the return period is between 1 June - 15 July and 1 - 20 September.

Very important: for those wishing to visit Paris or Amsterdam, during this trip, the above promotional fares allow a FREE STOP at the shower or return.

Moreover, starting with 30 March 2015, through the introduction of the 4 daily frequency between Bucharest and Paris, Air France passengers will benefit from very low correspondence time at Charles de Gaulle Airport, approximately 2 hours for Havana and Rio de Janeiro.

We also did the simulations, and the rates are confirmed:

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