[Air France offer] Osaka from 499 EUR, Hong Kong from 499 EUR, Brazil from 549 EUR

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Offers will not cease to appear. The turn came from Air France to announce a great new promotion: 3 days, 3 destinations. For three days, in the interval 24-April 26 2014, Air France announces special rates for 3 portfolio destinations: Osaka from the 499 EUR, Hong Kong from the 499 EUR, Brazil from the 549 EUR.

The rates apply for departures from Bucharest and include all taxes. The offer is subject to a regulation. The ticket must be purchased by 26 April 2014. The trip must take place until 11.12.2014, but with the exceptions:

- Hong Kong - the offer does not apply for the periods 01.07.2014 - 31.08.2014 and 01.10.2014 - 31.10.2014;
- Brasilia - the offer does not apply for the period 01.06.2014 - 15.07.2014;
- Oasaka - the offer does not apply for the period 01.07.2014 - 31.08.2014.

Bucharest - Hong Kong from 503 EUR - I did not find from 499 EUR
Hong Kong - 499 EUR

Bucharest - Osaka from 499 EUR
Osaka - 499EUR

Bucharest - Brasilia from 549 EUR
Brasilia - 549 EUR

The rates were valid on the date we searched for the Air France offer. I mention that this tariff can be found for several periods of time, within the range dedicated to the offer. Airlines Travel runs simulations to prove that these fares really exist.

We recall that Air France landed in Brasilia, Brazil, on 31 March 2014.

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