Washington of the 499 euro, Chicago of the 499 euro, Seattle of the 549 euro

[Air France offer] Washington from 499 euro, Chicago from 499 euro, Seattle from 549 euro

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Air France also returns this month with the offer: "3 DAYS, 3 DESTINATIONS". The campaign runs from 17-19 July to July 2014, and the destinations are perfect for those looking for holiday ideas in the fall - winter period. The travel period is: 23.08.2014 - 31.03.2015.

As I got used to, I did some simulations. I chose the period of winter holidays, especially Christmas. But you can choose any period in the range mentioned above.

Washington of the 499 euro


Chicago of the 499 euro


Seattle of the 549 euro


Note: The simulations are made for informational purposes only to demonstrate the existence of promotional rates. The results were valid at the time of publication of this article, but can be modified. Each can perform simulations for the desired periods.

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