Air Serbia offer: Bucharest - New York from 477 EURO

[Air Serbia offer] Bucharest - New York from 477 EURO

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Starting with 23 June 2016, Air Serbia will fly on the Belgrade - New York route. And as Air Serbia also flies on the Belgrade - Bucharest route, it turns out that Romanians will have a new alternative to fly to the United States. Taking a look at the Air Serbia offers, I found the 477 EURO fare for Bucharest - New York (via Belgrade) - Bucharest for several travel periods.

Airbus A330-Air Serbia

Following the simulations, we found 252 EURO rates for Bucharest - New York and 225 EURO for the New York - Bucharest segment in June, August, September (this month there are many more variants).

New York-Bucharest Air Serbia

Bucharest NewYork-Air Serbia

On the Belgrade - New York - Belgrade segments, Air Serbia will use Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

Clear sky!

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