Alitalia - Milan offer from 88 EURO

[Alitalia offer] Bucharest - Milan from 88 EURO and Bucharest - Rome from 109 EURO

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After many years of crisis, Alitalia takes on wings and courage. Better said New Alitalia, which started operating on 1 January 2015.

During this period, Alitalia is running a promotional campaign, and the rates are really good. That's how I found Bucharest - Milan (Linate) from 88 EURO and Bucharest - Rome from 109 EURO.

Bucharest - Milan (Linate) from 88 EURO

Bucharest - Rome from 109 EURO

You can take advantage of this promotion until 25 February, and the trip must be completed by 30 June 2015. The promotional rates are available in March, April, May and June, except for the period 3 April - 15 April 2015. Places are limited, so hurry up. We simulated for different periods, especially to cover the weekend, and the special prices are confirmed. When looking for deals, keep in mind that your trip should include 3 nights at your destination or a minimum Saturday night.

But Alitalia has great rates to other destinations in Italy, Europe and even to the United States and Asia. In April, May and June we found Milan - New York from 409 EURO, Rome - New York from 473 EURO, Milan - Toronto from 487 EURO and the list can go on.

Clear sky! What destinations do you travel to?

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