[Blue Air offer] 15% discount on some Blue Air flights

[Blue Air offer] 15% discount on some Blue Air flights

For some time, Blue Air is no longer offering general offers, as we were taught. It no longer offers 15% discount on all flights, but only on a few routes, always others.

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This weekend, Blue Air offered 15% discount for route selection:

from Bucureşti to Bologna, Bordeaux, Catania, Turin and return;
from Bacau to Bologna, Catania and return;
from Cluj-Napoca to Liverpool, Nice and return;
from Constanta to Brussels, Milan, Paris, Rome and return;
from Iaşi to Brussels, Florence, Koln Bonn, Milan, Munich, Turin and return.

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The offer is valid until 23: 59, 16 July 2017. The travel period can be surprised between July 17 - 24 March 2018.

They are holiday destinations, suitable for city breaks. We recommend Bordeaux for the famous wines of the region. I also recommend destinations in Italy, such as Turin and Bologna, plus the others on the list. You will certainly have what you discover on the culinary or architectural side.

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