[Blue Air offer] Bucharest - Iasi from 53,74 lei / 15% discount

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Blue Air has one promotion per day, # destination, and comes with 15% discount for airline tickets. Today's destination is Iasi, and the tariffs plane tickets Bucharest - Iasi receive a discount of 15%.

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In our simulations, we found starting rates from 53,74 lei / segment (76,49 lei - standard discount rate), valid for travel in February-March, and from 87,74 lei / segment (110,49 lei - standard discount rate) for travelers in the 2016 summer season.

Travel February / Tuesday: Bucharest-Iasi from 54 lei
Travel February / March: Bucharest-Iasi from 53,74 lei
Travel the summer season 2016: Bucharest-Iasi from 87,74 lei
Travel the summer season 2016: Bucharest-Iasi from 87,74 lei

There are 11773 seats available at the lowest rates. Depending on the payment method chosen, you can benefit from the lowest rates mentioned in the article. The price of the air ticket includes: cabin baggage, hold luggage and a snack. Take advantage of the offer and travel to the capital of Moldova.

VIDEO: Bucharest - Iasi - Bucharest with Blue Air
Blue Air: Iasi base - new routes operated during the 2016 summer schedule


"Library in the palm" of Mr. Grumăzescu from Iasi
"AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Ruginoasa and Sturdza Castle from Miclăuşeni

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