[Blue Air offer] Bucharest - Iasi from 89.99 lei / segment

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Here is the day when we announce lower prices for air tickets compared to train tickets for the Bucharest - Iasi route. Blue Air has rates starting from 89.99 lei / segment. Following our simulations and thanks to Cristi's funny fingers, we found this rate in January, February and March. From April 2016, the rates will start from 129.99 lei / segment.

Bucharest Iasi 89.99-lei

Bucharest, Iasi and Bucharest 134-lei

If you pay cash directly at the counter of a Banc Post, BRD, Raiffeisen branch, by bank transfer, through the terminals Zebra Pay, Qiwi, Rompay, PayPoint, you will receive a discount of 45 lei. Thus, the final cost of the plane tickets Bucharest - Iasi - Bucharest will be 134.48 lei.

We remind you that in the ticket price you include: cabin luggage (up to 10Kg), hold luggage (up to 32kg), a snack. Blue Air eliminated commissions for the payment of air tickets.


The AirlinesTravel team flew twice on the Bucharest - Iasi route, and the flights were pleasant, graphically and without incident. The flight duration is about 40-50 minutes in very good flight conditions.

  1. Stefan Vladu says

    A Bucharest ticket - Iasi and return will arrive at 400 of lei! To the prices displayed there is added 100 of lei the payment fee with the card. As time I personally 10 hours I did 🙂 but it was my luck! However, in case of disaster or bad weather they are very unprepared!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      If you look closely, Blue Air has deducted the fees for the card payment and offers a discount of 5EURO / segment / ticket if you pay by other methods ... So nothing is added. See our payment method and so we reached 54 lei / segment, that is 100 lei back on our simulations: https://airlinestravel.ro/oferta-blue-air-15-discount-pentru-toate-biletele-de-avion-bucuresti-iasi-de-la-54-lei.html.

      It is normal for the price to increase as the plane loads and the departure date approaches!

  2. [...] IAŞI starts with the road. Since Blue Air opened the Bucharest - Iasi route, fares for air tickets have dropped sharply, and IASI has reached 45-50 minutes from Bucharest. If I used to go by train and […]

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