[KLM offer] Hangzhou from 471 EURO / Shanghai from 479 EURO

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Households make their summer sled and winter car. On the same system, airlines come up with attractive offers. The turn of the KLM has arrived to present their promotion at the plane tickets.

Hangzhou from 471 EURO / Shanghai from 479 EURO

Following the checks, we found great rates for destinations in China, India, Singapore, Brazil and North America: Hangzhou from 471 EURO; Shanghai from 471 EURO; Seoul from 495 EURO; Singapore from the 498 EURO; Delhi from the 489 EURO.


For destinations in China, the offer is valid until 19 June, and the trip must be made by 15 December 2016. Tickets must be purchased in advance with at least 7 days, and the period of stay must be 6 days or include a Saturday evening.

KLM promotion confirmed in simulations




For destinations in India, conditions are different. The promotion is valid until 30 June 2016, with the exception of destinations in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, but the promotion is valid until 18 July 2016.

In addition to these clearly highlighted offers on the airline's website, we were surprised to find very good rates for Brazil as well. Between September 2016 and March 2017, I found Bucharest - Sao Paulo from 498 EURO. A good price is also to Rio de Janeiro, starting from 549 EURO until March 2017.



And Panama City is a more accessible destination, with only 595 EURO for flights to / from Bucharest. The offer is valid for September, October and November.


Review KLM offer, which includes promotions to destinations in Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, North and South America.

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