[LOT Polish Airlines offer] 1 000 000 air tickets at amazing prices

[LOT Polish Airlines offer] 1 000 000 air tickets at amazing prices

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The turn came from LOT Polish Airlines to announce the fall promotion. They have offered 1 000 000 tickets for sale at amazing prices. The promotion is valid during the period 6 September - 21 September 2016. And the trips can be made during the period 1 November 2016 - 31 May 2017.

LOT - 1 offer millions of air tickets

Boeing 787-LOT

Prices start from 149 EURO for trips from Bucharest and Cluj to destinations in Poland. But that's not all. In our searches we found other very good rates.


Bucharest - Beijing from 396 EURO for return flights, 1 cabin baggage of 8 kg and 1 hold baggage of 23 kg, free onboard catering. Long-haul flights are operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.


Another interesting aspect is the Warsaw scale. You have 8 hours in the shower and 3 hours in Warsaw return. Given that the airport is very close to the city, we recommend you pay a visit. Enjoy a coffee in the old town or a glass of wine in a winery.

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