[Qatar Airways Offer] Welcome 2018 - Rates from 419 €

[Qatar Airways Offer] Welcome 2018 - Rates from 419 €

Until January 4, you can take advantage of the Qatar Airways promotion. Discover over 2018 destinations with fares from 150 €.

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Households make sleighs in the summer season and carriages in the winter season. In other words, those who are passionate about travel can plan their summer holidays as early as the winter season.

Welcome 2018 - Rates from 419 €

Qatar Airways has deals with prices starting at 419 €. This is valid until 4 January, and trips can be scheduled until 15 November 2018.

Among the destinations with very good prices, we find: Chiang Mai from the 419 €; Shanghai from the 559 €; Singapore from the 729 €; Delhi. from the 609 €; Krabi from the 639 €; Phuket from the 609 €; Canberra from the 989 €; Zanzibar from 832 € and many more.

There are prices slightly higher than the previous offer, but it is good to take advantage because places are limited and prices will increase.

If you have no plans for 2018, now is the time to make them! 🙂

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