[RYANAIR offer] Black Friday with tickets from 2.99 € / segment

Ryanair today launched 21 November, the 2 day of its weekly "Black Friday" campaign, offering 7 customers consecutive days of fantastic discounts only on the Ryanair.com page.

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100,000 seats are now on sale from just € 4.99 for trips in January, but must be booked until midnight today (Tuesday, 24: 00).

You need to keep an eye on Ryanair.com for the latest daily deals - where the lowest rates in Europe are about to become even lower.

Black Friday with tickets from 2.99 € / segment

There are also tickets from 2.99 € / segment. Take advantage of the current price offer from 4.99 € / segment for flights to Berlin, Milan, Bologna and Timisoara. Flights depart from Bucharest and include taxes.

The best rates are for flights departing from Timisoara, Oradea or Craiova. From Timisoara, rates from 4.99 € / segment are valid for flights to Berlin, Milan, London, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Brussels.

from Oradea city, the rates are even better, starting from the 2.99 € / segment for flights to Dusseldorf and Memmingen and from the 4.99 € / segment for flights to Barcelona, ​​London and Milan.

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