[Ryanair offer] 4.99 EURO fares for flights from Bucharest

[Ryanair offer] 4.99 EURO fares for flights from Bucharest

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In the last period I have indicated offers over offers, to many destinations and from several airlines, but we do not calm down. And neither does Ryanair. At this moment, you can find tariffs NOT EURO / segment for flights Bucharest - Berlin, the lowest fare on this route.


And let's not forget rates from 7.99 EURO on the Bucharest - Bologna route and from the 9.99 EURO on the Bucharest - Timisoara routes; Bucharest - Brussels, Bucharest - Milan and Bucharest - Rome.


You have to hurry for Bucharest - Berlin, the seats at 4.99 EURO being very few. If you still have the gift voucher received at registration in myRyanair, you can travel for FREE.

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