[Ryanair offer] Timisoara - Bucharest from 7.99 EURO

5 1.162

During this day, Ryanair had a brief activity at the Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest. The passenger celebrated 1 million from / to Otopeni Airport, Bucharest. He embarked on the flight to Athens and it is Marius Laurentiu Enache.

Bucharest-Timisoara-Bucharest Ryanair

But another news came to our attention. Long awaited route Timisoara - Bucharest has been loaded into the system, and rates start at 7.99 EURO. According to the new information, the base in Timişoara will open on September 16, 2016, but the route Timişoara - Bucharest appears loaded from September 1.

Flights Bucharest - Timisoara with RYANAIR

Following the simulations, it seems that will start with the operation of a daily flight according to the schedule:

FR435 Timisoara (TSR) 06: 50-07: 55 Bucharest (OTP)
FR436 Bucharest (OTP) 08: 20-09: 25 Timisoara (TSR)


The second daily flight will be introduced starting with 1 November 2016.

FR308 Bucharest (OTP) 17: 55-19: 00 Timisoara (TSR)
FR309 Timisoara (TSR) 19: 25-20: 30 Bucharest (OTP)

  1. Mihai says

    WHAT euro returned? wow! 🙂
    super concrete. they have flights on the weekend too!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Exactly, and from November there will be 2 flights a day… morning and evening!

  2. KYK says


    As if you said you would "fly" from Tm to Ct this summer? while?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We did not declare :). AirlinesTravel is an online magazine specializing in aviation. But Ryanair has stated that they will expand their activity in Romania. If new routes appear, most likely in 2017…

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