[RYANAIR offer] Valentine's Day with tickets from 2.99 € / segment

Are you missing a new promotion from RYANAIR? We too. During this period you can find fares from 2.99 € / segment if you fly from Timisoara. Plus many other great rates!

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February is recognized as the month of love. Surprise your loved one with a romantic trip in two. Take advantage of RYANAIR offer and spend less on airline tickets, more on pampering.

Valentine's Day with tickets from 2.99 € / segment

For those from Timisoara and the Banat area, the ticket prices start at € 2.99 / segment for Berlin Schönefeld and Dusseldorf. There are 2 beautiful destinations that are worth exploring. You won't find the bohemian air of Paris, but love does not matter the destination.

For locals, fares start at 4.99 € / segment for flights to Barcelona, ​​a destination famous for relaxation, beach and exploration. Any traveler I think has Barcelona in the top 10 destinations to visit.

If you wish to travel from Bucharest, the prices start from 9.99 € / segment for flights to Milan (Italy), Brussels (Belgium) and Paphos (Cyprus). But there are good prices for other destinations in the RYANAIR network.

For those in the Oltenia area, the price starts from 14.99 € / segment for Valencia, the only RYANAIR destination operated from Craiova. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, and an industrial area on the Spanish Riviera.

You have great prices for many destinations. You can combine multiple destinations and create a romantic circuit in two. You have to choose!

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