[Ryanair offer] "Black Friday" with 2.99 EURO airline tickets

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Today (18 November), Ryanair launches an extraordinary promotion of "Black Friday" in Romania. It went on sale plane tickets from 2.99 EURO on selected routes from Bucharest, Craiova and Timișoara. Promotional tickets are for travelers during the week, from Monday to Thursday, between 1 - 15 December.

Air tickets from 2.99 EURO

I searched and browsed the Ryanair website to find out the tickets at 2.99 EURO. The price was confirmed only for the routes: Timișoara - Dusseldorf, Timișoara - Berlin and Timișoara - Milano Bergamo. But the other prices should not be neglected either. Airline tickets from 4.99 EURO for flights from Timisoara to Frankfurt and Brussels and from 7.99 EURO for flights from Timisoara to Bucharest and London.


For flights from / to Bucharest, fares start at 4.99 EURO for Berlin, from 7.99 EURO for Timisoara, Brussels, Milan, Rome and from 9.99 EURO for flights to Milan Malpensa, Athens, Bologna and Bristol.


Cristi, our colleague, bought through Vola.ro plane tickets Bucharest - Timișoara - Bucharest from the 3.42 EURO.


Ryanair also flies from Craiova to Valencia, and prices start from 9.99 EURO.

I increase your search and travel as much as possible!

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