TAP offer: Lisbon from 172 EURO, New York from 486 EURO

[TAP Portugal Offer] Lisbon from 172 EURO, New York from 486 EURO

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It's summer, I'm sorry. TAP has a strong new offer. A new discount campaign is attacking TAP Portugal tariffs during the period 25-31mai. The promotion is based, as we have been accustomed to, from the FINAL RATE discount (with taxes included) and applies to all tariffs in the grid, for the selected destinations. Another advantage of this campaign is the very wide travel range, which runs until March 2016!

The promotion takes place during 7 days of sale, and 15% discount from the FINAL PRICE (with taxes included) is calculated by entering the code: TAPRO0515, at the time of booking on www.flytap.com. I emphasize the importance of introducing this code in order to benefit from the discount!

Details of the promotion:
Discount code: TAPRO0515
Reservations period: 25-31-May 2015 on flytap.com
Promotion applicable for departures from Bucharest to: Portugal continental and island, Morocco, the archipelago Cape Verde and North America.

Below is an analysis of the lowest rates applicable for these destinations, before and after applying the discount:

Destination Period of travel Lowest standard fare, round trip, taxes included The lowest rate, after applying the discount, round trip, taxes included, from:
Lisbon 08 June2015-31martie 2016

202 Eur 172 Eur
Porto 225 Eur 191 Eur
Lighthouse 225 Eur 191 Eur
Madeira Island 338 Eur 287 Eur
Azores: Ponta Delgada, Terceira 330 Eur 280 Eur
Casablanca 377 Eur 320 Eur
Marrakech / Tangier 368 Eur NEVER Eur
Cape Verde Islands: Sal Island / Praia Island / Sao Vicente Island / Boavista Island 590 Eur 502 Eur
New York 23 August- 15 December 2015 // 01 January -16 March 2016 23 August- 15 December 2015 // 01 January -16 March 2016 572 Eur 486 Eur
Miami NEVER Eur 554 Eur

The minimum applicable rates vary depending on the actual travel period.

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