[TAROM offer] 20% Reduction of Pentecost

[TAROM offer] 20% Reduction of Pentecost

Super offer TAROM: 20% discount on any ticket purchased during the period 26-28 May 2018. You can check the rates today and buy tickets tomorrow.

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TAROM National Company reduces by 20% the prices on all tickets, during the period 26-28 May, on the occasion of the Holidays of Pentecost. We celebrate Pentecost together. TAROM knows you all have a craving for a vacation.

So they thought it was a special campaign, offering 20% discount on any route, for any period you planned your trip.

20% Reduction of Pentecost

What do you have to do? Enter the site www.tarom.ro, buy tickets during 26 - 28 more and receive a discount of 20%, regardless of destination, ticket class or the period in which you travel.

Offer conditions:
- The discount applies only for reservations and broadcasts made during the period 26-28 May 2018;
Travel period: anytime;
- The offer is valid only on flights operated by TAROM aircraft;
- If you purchase the ticket from www.tarom.ro with the payment option in the agency, the term of issuance will be extended until the date of 30 May 2018;
- The modification of the travel data can be done according to the tariff conditions, they can be viewed at the time of booking;
- The offer does not apply to special traffic categories and does not cumulate with other discounts.

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