[TAROM offer] Airline tickets from 30 EURO to Timisoara

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TAROM launches a special offer between Bucharest and Timișoara, for trips made from 01 January 2017 until the date of 25 March 2017 (date of last return).

Air tickets from 30 EURO

For travelers Bucharest - Timișoara / Timișoara - Bucharest the ticket price is 30 EUR (all taxes included), and for round trips the price of a ticket is 60 EUR (all taxes included). The offer is limited as the date of sale and travel.

The offer is subject to terms and conditions, seats are limited and valid only for RO601, RO602, RO607, RO608, RO610 flights. The reservation, payment and issue must be made at the same time.

Base rate: 40 EURO / segment

We also announce the introduction of the tariff from 40 EUR for one-way ticket with all taxes included to / from Timisoara, respectively from 79 EUR for a round trip ticket with all taxes included. The fare is limited to travel and sale and is subject to certain terms and conditions.

For all trips made with TAROM, both domestically and internationally, you benefit from free services such as: free transportation of hold luggage within the maximum limit of 23 kg (1 Economy Class luggage) + 10 kg hand luggage; free airport check-in, kiosk, online and mobile; free services on board.

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