[Air France and TAROM offers] Bucharest - Houston from 470 EURO, Bucharest - Los Angeles from 471 EURO, Bucharest - New York from 471 EURO

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We continue with the offers for flights to the United States. Through a "miraculous" combination I found tickets for Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington with prices starting at 470 EURO. Specifically, p99 EUR romance from TAROM is wonderful. That's how I found Bucharest - Istanbul from 99 EURO, for April and May. And from Istanbul, Air France and KLM have super fares for destinations in North America.

Bucharest - Istanbul from 99 EURO

Istanbul - Houston from 370 EURO


Istanbul - Los Angeles from 371 EURO


Istanbul - New York from 371 EURO


Be careful because you leave Istanbul early in the morning, so it's good to fly the day before from Bucharest. And you still have a stopover in Paris, but not very big. I think this combination is worth it, especially since the prices for the United States start from 550 EURO (New York), from 770 EURO (Los Angeles), for flights departing from Bucharest.

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