[British Airways Offer] Bucharest - London from 75 EUR / shower

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British Airways has launched a new promotion for those who want to travel to London. They can purchase it hand-baggage tickets only only NO EUR (shower) or standard tickets with only 89 EUR (shower). The promotion is valid until April 3, 2014, for trips that will take place between April 1 - December 31, 2014.

Prices include all taxes, surcharges and are valid at the time of publication. The offer is subject to Terms and Conditions and is valid within the limits of the places available.

In October 2013, British Airways launched for its entire network of short-haul flights two new price categories in addition to the existing ones (standard and flexible), namely - hand-baggage only and semi-flex.

Passengers who opt for baggage-only type tickets can benefit from British Airways' generous offer in terms of size and weight of hand luggage (56cm x 45cm x 25cm and 23 kg), plus a pocket or laptop bag at prices reduced.

At the same time, semi-flex fares are an option that combines the advantages of standard and flexible tickets. Thus, on the day of the trip, passengers can change their reservation for free, in the same cabin, without paying the price difference. If a passenger wishes to change their reservation a day or more before the date of travel, he / she will not have to pay the date change fee, but only any price differences for the ticket in question.

British Airways guests who have purchased semi-flex tickets will also benefit from being able to reserve a seat on ba.com, free of charge, two days before the date of travel, thus offering an advantage over standard tickets, which allow this working with 24 hours before the flight.

I did a short simulation for Bucharest-London-Bucharest, in August, and found the type of baggage-only type tickets from 156 EUR. On a single segment, the 75 EUR fare is confirmed, as well as the 89 EUR fare for standard tickets.


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