[Air Canada offer] Prices from 214 $ for (roundtrip) flights from Europe

The Air Canada website displays an offer that you can hardly resist. 214 $ fares for flights departing from Europe to North, Central and South America.

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Let's hope it's not a price mistake, but an unbeatable offer. On the Air Canada website we have found very good rates for flights from Europe to destinations in North, Central and South America. Offers are valid from April 2018. I found:

Paris - Mexico (round trip flights) from $ 243


Paris - New York (round trip flights) from $ 214


Budapest - Los Angeles (round trip flights) from $ 362

Budapest-Los Angeles Air Canada

Budapest - New York (round trip flights) from $ 235


Budapest - Miami (round trip flights) from $ 334

Budapest-Miami Air Canada

Budapest - San Francisco (round trip flights) from $ 331


London - New York (round trip flights) from $ 365

London-New York

If you find great prices for some of the flights that were not mentioned above, feel free to let us know in a comment!

We'll let you know about these offers, but don't rush. Look into the offer, see if the prices are confirmed, add all the costs, and get your travel visas (for the United States you have visas - see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see travel conditions).

Prices may be changed by the air carrier without advance notice. As well, tickets can be canceled if it is found to be an error.

AirlinesTravel is not responsible for any inconvenience encountered during the purchase or travel process.

  1. florin says

    I think it was a mistake…
    to me there are some great prices for the same data

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, very low prices have disappeared from the system!

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