[Air France - KLM Offer] Airline tickets reduced by up to 40%

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AIR FRANCE - KLM launches the most important promotional campaign at the beginning of the year, reducing the price of air tickets by up to 40%. Thus, passengers can explore all continents of the world, with considerable discounts on air tickets.

Cheap flights up to 40%

They benefit from discounted prices at exotic destinations such as: Zanzibar, Bangkok, Mexico City, Punta Cana, Havana, Rio de Janeiro etc.


Asia is a great destination for a first intercontinental trip. A return ticket to Delhi starts from 409 euros, Beijing from the 419 euro and Bangkok from the 539 euro. Tourists can purchase tickets at discounted prices for metropolises as Hong Kong and Singapore from 549 euros, Tokyo from the 619 euro.


For the US, prices start from the 510 euro (return flights) to New York, 522 a round trip ticket to Miami and 607 euros for a return ticket to Toronto.


For travelers looking to experience a safari in Africa, AIR FRANCE - KLM has been offering round-trip tickets from 559 euros to Johannesburg and 619 euros to Nairobi.

Tourists will be able to book Discounted air tickets until 26 January 2017and the trips will have to be made until 10 December 2017.

Air France - KLM offer includes low prices to European destinations. Travelers benefit from lowering the fare for flights Bucharest - Amsterdam, and one KLM round-trip ticket starts at 129 euros. To Paris, The ticket price starts at 159 euros, return ticket with Air France. KLM also offers discounts to other European cities: Copenhagen from the 149 euro, Manchester of the 163 euro, Aberdeen and Helsinki from 179 euros.

The prices shown are for round trip flights, with all taxes included. The travel period for Europe is up to 30 June 2017.

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