[KLM - Air France offer] Bucharest - Saint Martin from 666 EURO

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These days, the Air France - KLM group has a good offer for avgeeks. Bucharest - Saint Martin from 666 EURO. For lovers of airplanes and aviation, Saint Martin is the ideal place to fully feel a jet blast.

Bucharest - Saint Martin from 666 EURO

At the same time, Princess Juliana International Airport is renowned for its spectacular aircraft landings. The airport runway is very close to the shore and Maho Beach, and the planes come very low at landing. Spectacular images have been captured over time.


The offer is valid for trips made from July 2016 to March 2017. Following the simulations, the tariff of 666 EURO was validated for Bucharest - Saint Martin. In the shower you have the opportunity to fly with Boeing 747-400 KLM, and in return with Airbus A340-300 Air France.

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