[KLM offer] Osaka - from 599 euro, Jakarta - from 599 euro, Santiago de Chile - from 799 euro

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On the principle of "summer sleigh and winter car", although some of you have not yet spent your summer vacation, KLM proposes you to schedule your next vacation. Thus, the beginning of August comes with 3 days of promotional offers from KLM and with special prices to India, valid until August 20!

The ONLY 3 DAY campaign includes the following intercontinental destinations:

Bucharest - Osaka - from 599 euros

Bucharest - Jakarta - from 599 euros

Bucharest - Santiago de Chile - from 799 euros

Prices include all taxes and are valid ONLY 3 DAYS, on August 7, 8 and 9, 2014, and the travel period is August 25, 2014 - March 31, 2015, except for the period December 12 - January 11, 2015.

In addition, in August, Air France - KLM comes with special prices for trips to India (Delhi and Bombay from 499 euros), valid between 6 and 20 August. Rates include all taxes (airport taxes and ticket issuance fee)

Note: The simulations were made with the purpose of demonstrating the existence of promotional rates. They are valid at the time of publication of this article. You can search for the promotional offer according to your preferences, under the conditions announced by the airline operator.

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