[KLM Offer] Panama @ 409 €, Brazil @ 429 €, China @ 439 €, USA @ 461 €

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Please stop by the preparations for Christmas and take a look at the offer from KLM. With such prices you do not meet at any time.

The KLM offer is valid until 20 December 2018, and trips can be scheduled until 30 June 2019. Minimum stay must be 6 days or Sunday. The maximum duration can be 3 months.

KLM 2019 plane ticket deals

We mention that many of the promotional fares do not have the hold baggage included, and the airport charges may vary. Plus, seats are limited to these rates. The prices on offer are for flights departing from Bucharest via Amsterdam or Paris.

Panama from 409 € with KLM

But let's also see the prices for air tickets. First of all, for those who dreamed of a vacation in Panama, now is the time to plan it. Rates start at € 409.

In a short simulation, I noticed that the ticket price starts at € 409, on the route Bucharest - Panama City via Amsterdam or Paris. The rate is confirmed for trips between January and June.

Bucharest Panama-409-euro
Bucharest - Panama City with Air France - KLM + TAROM

In the example above, for the period 3-9 February, the flights are operated by Air France in the shower and by KLM + TAROM in return. The 3 airlines are part of the SkyTeam alliance.

Brazil from the 429 €

Another very good offer is for flights to Brazil. You can travel to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo at prices starting from 429 € for round trip flights.

The price is valid for trips between January - June 2019. If you want to surprise your loved one, schedule a holiday in Brazil with the date of February 14 included.

Bucharest - Rio de Janeiro with KLM - KLM + TAROM

We simulated for you the period 12-17 February 2019 and we found the fare of 429 € for flights with KLM on the direction Bucharest - Rio de Janeiro, and on return the flights are provided by KLM + TAROM. 

439 € China, 461 € USA

For China and the United States we have seen such fares, maybe even lower at certain air carriers.

But it is good to mention the current offer for China with Shanghai from 449 € and Beijing from € 439.


And for the United States, rates start from 471 € for New York, 461 € for Miami, Los Angeles from the 551 €.

They are very good prices and to other distant destinations, some really exotic. We are talking about prices here 499 € for Colombo (Sri Lanka), Saint Martin of the 749 €, Singapore from the 529 €, Zanzibar from the 599 € and more. See the complete KLM offer!

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