[LOT Polish Airlines offer] 1 000 000 air tickets at amazing prices

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The turn came from LOT Polish Airlines to announce the fall promotion. They have offered 1 000 000 tickets for sale at amazing prices. The promotion is valid during the period September 6 - September 21, 2016. And the trips can be made during the period November 1, 2016 - May 31, 2017.

LOT offer - 1 million plane tickets


Prices start from 149 EURO for trips from Bucharest and Cluj to destinations in Poland. But that's not all. In our searches we found other very good rates.


Bucharest - Beijing from 396 EURO for return flights, 1 cabin luggage of 8 kg and 1 hold baggage of 23 kg, free catering on board. Long-haul flights are operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.


Another interesting aspect is the Warsaw scale. You have 8 hours in the shower and 3 hours in Warsaw return. Given that the airport is very close to the city, we recommend you pay a visit. Enjoy a coffee in the old town or a glass of wine in a winery.

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