[TAP Portugal offer] Lisbon from the 200 EURO, Ponta Delgada (Azore) from the 328 EUR

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Good food, friendly people and stunning scenery are more than enough reasons to want to get to know this country on the west coast of Europe.

Portugal attracts the eyes of the curious. The Mediterranean climate of the country, the wide and sandy beaches and the rocks that plunge into the ocean are a delight for all visitors.

Due to the delicious gastronomic traditions, it is essential to taste some delicacies: it is obligatory to eat cod, to discover the excellent wines produced all over the country, to enjoy tempting desserts and to end your meal with a glass of wine from Porto de neuitat.

And if you've still found your interest in Portugal, find out that TAP Portugal has a promotion going on. The promotion is under the anniversary of the National Day of Portugal, and the period eligible for the trip is between 1-19 June and 2015.

About Portugal!

The period during which you can take advantage of the special rates is between 23 April and 15 May 2015. The trip must be 3 days or a weekend, minimum.

Below are round trip fares:

- Lisbon: EUR 200, taxes included
- Porto, Faro: EUR 223, taxes included
- Madeira: EUR 336, taxes included
- Ponta Delgada (Azores): EUR 328, taxes included
- Terceira (Azores): EUR 323, taxes included

Starting with 1 April 2015, TAP Portugal will operate 6 weekly flights and their number will increase to 8 from 1 June to 2015.

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