OFFICIAL: The NOTAM, which suspended flights between Romania and Spain, was canceled

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Update at 14:00: The NOTAM issued today by ROMATSA was canceled: NOTAM A2690 / 20 status: CNL by A2691 / 2020 ON:2020-08-10 08:55:00.

Initial story: I introduced you yellow list updated by INSP Romania. Spain has re-entered Romania's list of countries with a high epidemiological risk. This means carrying / isolating all those who travel from Spain to Romania. And, inevitably, the suspension of flights between Romania and Spain will be official.

Unfortunately, the law stipulates that all flights from / to the existing countries on the INSP Romania yellow list will be suspended. Inevitably, starting with August 11, at 00:00, all commercial passenger flights will be suspended, including on the directions Spain - Romania - Spain.

ROMATSA issued the NOTAM announcing this regulation regarding commercial flights.

According to this NOTAM, the flights would be suspended until August 15 at 23:59, the date on which the alert state in Romania will expire. It remains to be seen what will happen after this date. Romania and many other European countries and around the world are facing more and more new cases of COVID-19. The pandemic with the new coronavirus is far from over.

  1. Lorena Axinte says

    So? Are flights suspended or not?

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